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Having established himself firmly as a music composer and singer, Adnan is indeed an adept concert pianist owning an extraordinary command on all Western and Indian Classical and semi-classical music thus creating various kinds of music ranging from the classical to Jazz to modern Pop-Rock (Western and Indian) throughout his career. Audience and viewers of all ages are set to delight and enthusiasm witnessing the zeal and energy that Adnan puts on, be it on stage or in his music videos. Having created original compositions that have become extremely popular with his audiences, time and time again, Adnan has succeeded in proving himself his might and calibre. He soon became a "sensation" which led Hindi filmmaker Boney Kapoor to invite him to give music for his film. This was the beginning for him composing and singing songs for Hindi films very successfully of even the top Hindi film producers of the time like Yash Chopra and Subhash Ghai. Due to the immense popularity of his music videos and live performances, he had even begun getting acting offers at this time. Adnan prefers to experiment with new styles and forms than becoming a detainee restricted to success and then moving on with just formula music. This apart, Adnan Sami Khan owns the pride of having worked as a recording artist, stage and television performer in various parts of the world including USA, London, Sweden, Spain, Pakistan and India at the age of 28. Having graduated from the University of London, Adnan was very conscious of his need for developing his musical style and technique on the piano and thereby pioneered a new sound becoming the first person to play Indian Classical music on the electric Piano.

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