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Ajay - Atul are a renowned music director-composer duo. They have music in the film industry as well as non film albums, to their credit. They did the scores for movies such as Viruddh, Gayab, Shock and Savarkhed: Ek Gaav. Their music was also featured on the soundtrack for Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! Ajay & Atul started their careers with commercial jingles, ballets & advertisements and went on to compose for plays, private albums and movies. Vishwavinayak, a spiritual international non-filmy music album with Ganesha Symphonic Chants was seen top the international charts. Saavarkhed - Ek Gaon, Aga Bai Areccha, Jatra, Jabardast, Viruddh, Shock, Uladhaal, Jogwa and Natrang are a few of their many movies which have gained attention from the masses. The duo is also famous for their compositions on non-film albums. Ajay - Atul made use of traditional Indian instruments and arrangements to complement a choir singing Meera Bai's works, for the album Meera Kahen. They have already worked with renowned music composers like Ravinder Jain, Vishal Bharadwaj, Amar Utpal, Ashok Patki and Shridhar Phadke. The pair experimented with new sounds, along with lyricist Shyam Anuragi on singer Swapnil’s first pop album. Their work was highly acclaimed and the album was successful mainly because of the team effort between Ajay – Atul and Swapnil, and made the latter famous. Swapnil opted for Ajay - Atul because of their proficiency in bringing out the North Indian flavours. Most recently, the duo bagged the National Award for Best Music Direction for movie Jogwa at the 56th National Awards, which also makes them the only music directors to have won it for a Marathi movie.

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