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Having survived in the industry for a decade doing menial compositions, fame finally came musc composer Amit Trivedi's way with Aamir. Amit still remembers his struggling days of composing calling them his trial period. But today he has surely arrived and has managed to create space for himself so as to leave a mark in the clutter of talent attracted to Bollywood. It was about 14-15 years ago that Amit had this small unique instrument, in which you hit an electronic pencil on a silver plate and it would create vibrating sounds. This instrument fascinated him and drew him towards music with exposure to western music. Amit along with his band mates used to play at gigs and small shows, functions, live performances etc. They struck gold when the A & R team of Times Music recognized them and launched their album about five years ago. But the album was not promoted well and it bombed badly with nobody even knowing about it. Not letting his spirit get dampened Amit made sure he pursued Bollywood till his dream met reality. Bollywood finally happened through a common friend and singer Shilpa Rao at the MAMI festival. Director Anurag Kashyap was looking for a new composer with a distinct vision and Shilpa suggested his name. After a meeting, Kashyap offered Amit the chance to compose for Dev D as a full fledged composer.

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