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C. Ramchandra, who composed the famous patriotic song, 'Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo'. The epic song, immortalized by singer Lata Mangeshkar and penned by the poet Pradeep, is a favourite in the country. C. Ramchandra is still considered as one of the best music directors of his time in the Hindi film industry. He studied music under Vinayakbua Patwardhan at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya music school. He joined the film industry as an actor, playing the lead in the movie Naganand by Y. V. Rao. Ramchandra began his career as a harmonium accompanist for Minerva composers, Bindu Khan and Habib Khan. He made his debut as a music director in Tamil films with Jayakkodi and Vanamohini. His work in the movie Sukhi Jeevan, led to his long-term association with Bhagwan Dada. They also produced the musical super hit, Albela. C. Ramchandra was influenced a lot by Western rhythms and instruments, and he used them in his compositions. He was also influenced by Benny Goodman, and he introduced the alto sax in combination with guitar and harmonica and also whistled in one of his most famous songs, Aana Meri Jaan Sunday ke Sunday’ in Shehnai. He pioneered scat singing in the song ‘Ina Mina Dika’ from Aasha. He used a bongo, oboe, trumpet, clarinet and saxophone combination for ‘Shola Jo Bhadke’ in Albela. ‘Shin Shinaki Boobla Boo’ saw Ramchandra singing the title song with Lata Mangeshkar, merged with some rock rhythms. C. Ramchandra's talent was epitomized in his work with Lata Mangeshkar. He composed the masterpieces like Dheere Se Aaja Re Ankhiyano Mein (Albela), Katate Hai Dukh Mein Ye Din (Parchhaai), Tum Kya Jaano, Tumhari Yaad Mein (Shin Shinaki Bubala Boo) and Aankhon Mein Sama Jao, Is Dil Mein Raha Karana (Yasmin).

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