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Madan Mohan is one of the elite composers of all time. He ventured into the hindi film industry as an assistant to music director C. Ramchandra. His first important film was Aankhen in 1950. He had a trilogy of movies with his childhood friend Raj Kapoor; Aashiana (1952), Dhoon (1952) and Paapi (1953). Unfortunately, these films did not create much of an impression. He got recognition with his 1956 film Bhai Bhai, starring Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar. Some of his films with brilliant music such as Railway Platform (1955) and Gateway of India (1957) did not get commercial success. Also, in that period, many top actors favoured select composers, as was the case with Dilip Kumar and Naushad Madan Mohan’s music in the movies Dekh Kabira Roya (1957) and Adalat (1958) altered the trends for him. In 1964, in Chetan Anand’s Haqeeqat, his score was exceptional. The super hit association of Madan Mohan and Lata Mangeshkar has given Hindi cinema some of its golden classics, right from films like Adaa (1951) to Veer Zaara (2004). Mohan had the knack of bringing out the best in Lata's voice, be it her sensual tone in Sanjog (1961), confident tone in Neela Aakash (1965) or perky voice in Mera Saaya (1966). The trend of the 1970s was all Western, but Mohan still composed poetic melodies. He worked with reputed filmmakers like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Sampooran Singh Gulzar and Rajinder Singh Bedi. His collaboration with Bedi won him the National Award for Best Music Director for Dastak in 1970. Madan Mohan was a highly treasured Hindi film composer. Despite having composed music for around 100 films in his illustrious 25-year career, he had only ten box-office hits. This was due to his extremely demanding nature and also the fact, that several tunes he composed were never used. Madan Mohan had an astounding number of compositions, most of which were either unutilized for lack of appropriate films or were alternate tunes composed for his films. In 1975, at the age of 51, Mohan died from cirrhosis of the liver. In 1975, the films Mausam and Laila Majnu released soon after his death, became big hits. His scores were used for the 2004 film, Veer-Zaara, more than 50 years later, and were very popular.

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