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Jassie Gift was born into a middle class Christian Nadar family in Trivandrum. He was interested in music from childhood and was highly influenced by western music.He studied lessons of western piano from a young age and started singing and playing the keyboard for a few local bands.He is a singer cum keyboard player of the band 'hell city' and 'mobi dick'.He admired Ilayaraja and he is a great fan of Freddie Mercury.He entered in to the film music industry under the guidance of director Jayaraj.Before entering films he composed songs for a couple of music albums in Malayalam.The main hit album is 'Soona Soona'.He also composed some jingles.He introduced techno music to Malayalam music industry,which was not common at that time.His medley of western and indian music also become popular among listeners.His vocals also sound different.Jassi Gift's first composition was for the movie Saphalam. He became popular in Kerala with his song "Lajjavathiye" in the movie 4 the people. His music contributed heavily to the success of 4 the People which became 2004's biggest blockbuster in Malayalam.[2] All the songs Jassie composed for the movie especially "Lajjavathiye", became hit in Kerala. It was later remade into Tamil, and also as Malliswarive into Telugu.

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