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Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran, Vimal


N Raghavan


N.R. Ragunanthan

Release Date

Fri, 6th Jun 2014

Manja Pai tamil Movie Song Lyrics

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A boy is raised by his grandfather as his parents commit suicide; years later, the boy is working in an IT company and living a lavish life. He brings his grandfather from the village to the city, but he is embarrassed by him.

Vemal plays Tamizh, a small town boy raised solely by his grandfather ‘Thatha’ Venkatsamy (Rajkiran), with a singular desire of settling down in the U.S. But his new found love interest in Karthika (Lakshmi Menon) somewhat distracts the dutiful professional early on in the film.

The first half is sequenced with the intention to build on the love between Tamizh and Karthika. This is attempted with sufficient doses of comedy injected into the scenes, which are fairly generic. The director’s plan to use octogenarians in comedy scenes and in songs as dancers appears as a sign of what’s in store for the rest of the film.

The film plays out not unlike a triangular romance with Thatha’s overbearing love for his grandson, and virtually everyone else around, that eats into Karthika’s affection towards Tamizh. Quite expectedly Tamizh, who is sandwiched between this saccharine soaked endearment, must decide between the two while still trying to pursue his foreign dreams. There are times, as an audience, you wish he was just left alone to carry on with his own life.

As far as performances go, Rajkiran looks the part and plays it according to the director's vision. He's extremely caring and also equally unintelligible. If you can relate to his shenanigans then you would find yourself more invested in what the director aims to message. The slowly building climax brings out emotionally strong performances from Rajkiran and Vemal.