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Bobby Simha, Kalaiyarasan, Reshmi Menon


Sakthivel Perumalsamy


Achu Rajamani

Release Date

Fri, 4th Dec 2015

Urumeen tamil Movie Song Lyrics

Rank Movie Lyrics Views
1 Urumeen Siru Nadai 76
2 Urumeen Yaadhum Oore 64
3 Urumeen Baby Baby 59
4 Urumeen Hey Umayaal 58
5 Urumeen Hey Umayaal (Unplugged Version) 57


Raja Simhan, a warrior, battles against the British during their reign. But things take a turn when he is betrayed by his friend Karuna and has to fight for his life when he gets captured.

The story is straightforward, a hardcore revenge action movie which takes time but serves the purpose, oh yes after three generations. Bobby Simha and Kalairasan are two good friends having a good time, but as it turns out Kalairasan cheats Bobby Simha. And again after that the next life is no good for Bobby simha either and Kalaiarasan outwits his friend yet again. So it turns out our hero had enough and two generations later the truth dawns upon him and its cold blooded revenge all the way.
Fantasy films always look for some solid screenplay that takes the viewers on the edge of the seat experience, Urumeen has its share of moments with the second generation making the best out of whats deployed. In the first, the director takes us back to the Kings and Queen days where betrayal is more than just a sin, then he jumps into the present where Bobby is a corporate employee. Bobby Simha breathes fire when it comes to revenge, action and shows the raw grit necessary for a solo hero to make strides in the commercial arena of Kollywood. He steals the show in the scenes involving current generation, but Kalairasan easily fits his role as the antagonist in the first two, putting out a respectable performance.
The director has done a fab job in differentiating the periods, and who better than a good cinematographer can assist with the visuals bringing the difference. Ravindhranath Guru has worked his gut out behind the lens bringing the rightful shade in each and every dimension.