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Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Kriti Kharbhanda, Nikesha Patel, Karthik, Sitara, Rao Ramesh


Sunil Reddy


Achu Rajamani

Release Date

Mon, 11th Jun 2018

Om 3D telugu Movie Song Lyrics

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Story begins with a huge fire blast and police cordoning the bridge area suspecting the definite death of Arjun (Kalyanram) and same being intimated to Ria (Nikesha Patel). Then into a see-saw of flashbacks and present, a saved Arjun narrates his story. Arjun is the only son of big businessman Harishchandra Prasad (Karthik) survived by wife (Sitara), brother Bhanu Prakash (Suresh) and a close friend Ashok (Ahuti Prasad). 

Arjun loves his father so much and entertains to see any enemy like local politician Bairi Reddy (Rao Ramesh) growing in the city. Here comes the twist when Bairi Reddy releases the dreaded goon Bhavani Shankar (Sampath Kumar) from jail to kill Harishchandra Prasad by using a mind game with Anjali (Kriti Kharbhanda) entering into the love life of Arjun. However, Ashok’s daughter Ria also enters into Arjun’s life. At a time when Arjun begins to go against the will of his father rejecting the marriage with Ria, a series of interesting twists result in death of Ashok and a deadly accident to Anjali. Now, Arjun goes on a chase for Bhavani Shankar and Bairi Reddy to encounter some eye opening facts about his life. What are these brass tacks? How is Arjun betrayed by his own people? All these form rest of pre-climax and climax.