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Basher Basher Har Dagar Dagar Par¯Dagar Dagar ParDagar Dagar ParBikhar Bikhar Kar, Umar Umar Par.Umar Umar Par.Umar Umar Par
Haara..Haara Haara..Haara
Hasthey Dundhlaayein¯..
Na Kahin Mit Jaaye

Pitar Pitar Har Pehar Pehar Par..Pehar Pehar Par Pehar Pehar Par
Kehen Kehen Ddaaye Tehar Tehar Kar..Tehar Tehar Kar
Haara..Haara Haara..Haara
Yeh Kahin Tehara Hai
Haara..Haara Haara..Haara
Dasthi Hi Jaaye

Kaali Hawaein Har Saans Dabhoche.. Saans Dabhoche¯ Saans Dabhoche
Saari Jisam Har Thaar Ko Noche¯ Thaar Ko Noche¯. Thaar Ko Noche
Nishaana¯Nishaana¯.Nishaana¯Tane Huye
Saaye, Yeh Saaye Saaye Khade Huye

Basher Basher Har Dagar Dagar Par¯ Dagar Dagar Par¯ Dagar Dagar Par
Bikhar Bikhar Kar, Umar Umar Par¯.Umar Umar Par¯.Umar Umar Par
Haara..Haara¯ Haara..Haara
Hasthey Dundhlaayein¯..
Haara¯ Haara¯ Haara..
Na Kahin Mit Jaaye

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