Enna Marandhen Lyrics

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yaar avano avano
yaar avano avano
yaar avano avano

enna maranthen etharkku maranthen ennai ketene
unnai ninaithu ennai maranthen ellam maranthene
en perai maranthen en oorai maranthen
en thozhigalai maranthene
en nadai maranthen en udai maranthen
en ninaivinai maranthene
andhi maalai poovil maranthen
adhikaalai pola maranthen
yen maranthen

yen ennai maranthen
naan ennai maranthen

kan thiranthum paarkka maranthen
kaal nadanthum paadhai maranthen
vaai thiranthum pesa maranthen
naan panpalaiyin paadal maranthen
dhinam sandai podum thaayidam kenja maranthen
en kutty thangai avalidam konja marnathen
maranthe maranthen ethanaal maranthen

yaar avano avano
yaar avano avano
yaar avano avano

paadithathellam paadhi maranthen
thervaraiyil meethi maranthen
naal kilamai thethi maranthen
naan min anjalin seithi maranthen
naan ennai patri avanidam solla maranthen
avan ... kaiyai muttai katti alla maranthen
maranthen maranthen avanaal maranthen

yeno maranthen
ennai maranthen

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